Paddy Smith Blues Singer

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The Devil’s Backyard


The Life Of Paddy Smith

Meet Paddy Smith, a talented singer, songwriter, and harmonica player from Ireland. His second album, though shorter like an EP, is a gem of heartfelt melodies. Inspired by the Rolling Stones, Paddy picked up the harmonica at just 12 years old.

But life took a sharp turn when tragedy struck. Paddy lost his daughter, Caira, to cystic fibrosis when she was only 17. The pain of this loss echoes in his music, adding a profound depth to his songs.

In addition to his musical journey, Paddy is in Recovery for alcohol addiction, a challenge he faces with courage and determination.

Despite the sorrow and struggles, Paddy’s music is a beacon of hope. Through his songs, he shares his journey of healing and resilience, inviting listeners to find solace in his melodies.

In his latest work, Paddy takes us on a journey of emotions, blending themes of love, loss, and redemption into his music. With each note, he reminds us of the power of music to heal and uplift the soul.

Paddy Smith Is Signed by Mojo Records Sept. 1, 2023

His Third Album willl be released in 2024


“Met my Love in the Devil’s backyard she ripped out my heart and tore it apart”

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